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Smoke Detectors Can Save Lives

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

Fire spreads fast once it is started so SERVPRO of Livingston, Demopolis & Butler wants to remind you that smoke detectors (smoke alarms) can help save lives in your Cottage Hill home.

An alarm alerts you that danger is present giving you time to get out.

SERVPRO of Livingston, Demopolis & Butler wants you to remember:

  • Closed doors can slow the spread of smoke, heat, and fire. That is good for reducing smoke damage and fire damage. That is also why you should have a smoke alarm in every sleeping room in the home
  • Install smoke alarms on every level of the home
  • Large homes might need extra smoke alarms
  • Some companies make alarms that are interconnected. When one sounds, they all sound
  • Do not turn off smoke detectors when cooking
  • Test the smoke alarms at least once a month. There is a test button on the alarm
  • When the alarm sounds, get everyone outside and stay outside
  • Replace all smoke alarms every 10 years

If your home is not properly protected by a smoke detector, please install one. If you experience a fire, immediately vacate the home and then contact your fire department once you are outside the home.

Call SERVPRO of Livingston, Demopolis & Butler at 334-287-1144 for all your fire restoration needs!

Things You Shouldn't Do If You Have Flooding In Your Basement

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

When a broken pipe or appliance causes flooding in your basement, it is important to have it taken care of right away since the excess water can cause a lot of damage to your home. If it remains there for an extended period of time, it can ruin your belongings and weaken the structure of the building. Wood will begin to warp and rot, and mold will grow and spread. The following steps should be taken in this situation.

  1. Start Filing a Claim

Because water damage from flooding can be costly, you should begin filing your insurance claim immediately. Call your agent to inform them of the damage so that they can start the process. Waiting too long to call can result in your claim being denied and you may be stuck paying for repairs on your own. Contacting the company right away will prevent this and will allow you to complete the claim sooner.

  1. Call a Restoration Service

The next call you should make is to a clean up and restoration service. It is important to have the water removed as soon as possible, so don’t put it off. A professional company will be able to perform pipe repair on the source of the water and start work on salvaging your home and belongings.

  1. Document the Damage and Begin Cleaning Up

You don’t need to sit around doing nothing while you wait for the insurance adjuster or restoration company to arrive. Instead, you can begin making a list of damaged areas and belongings and taking pictures of the basement flood. The adjuster can use these to help process your claim. You should begin cleaning the area as well if it is safe to do so.

Because flooding in your home can cause a significant amount of damage, it is important that you handle the situation properly to reduce the time needed for repairs as well as the cost. Following these steps can make the situation go more smoothly. Call SERVPRO of Livingston, Demopolis & Butler at 334-287-1144. 

Living In Your Home During A Water Damage

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

Any time you experience water damage in your home it can be distressing. Coming home to or waking up and discovering water damage can throw off your entire day. Once the damage is discovered, you begin the process of making phone calls and going through the steps to repair the damage. 

Often times when water damage occurs the customer has to live in their home throughout the process. In severe cases they may find other temporary arrangements. When we come into your home during your frustrating time, it is our goal to make sure that the process of getting your home back in order is as stress free as possible. We will set up our drying equipment in the affected areas and perform any necessary demolition to wet materials. We always strive to have the home dry and have equipment removed within 4 days. At that point the customer can choose to complete the necessary repairs.

 In the case that you ever experience water damage, rest assured that we can take care of you! Call SERVPRO of Livingston, Demopolis & Butler at 334-287-1144.

We Have the Necessary State of the Art Equipment to Handle Your Water Damage

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Performs Efficient Water Damage Restoration in Affected Homes

Even though a water intrusion problem resulting from a sink overflow or rainwater infiltration may look small, it may cause significant destruction if ignored for an extended period. If you discover water damage in your residence, the wise decision is to seek professional help from SERVPRO. We offer emergency water restoration services around the clock.

With highly trained technicians who have decades of experience, we can restore any magnitude of water damage in your residence. We have state-of-the-art equipment that helps us handle the situation faster to meet or exceed our client's expectations. If a leaking roof caused water damage, we are reliable experts who can perform the necessary repairs. Fast water removal helps limit the chances of secondary property damage. The removal of excess water helps in speeding up the drying process.

One of the most challenging situations you may face following water intrusion in your home is dealing with wet carpeting. Drying the carpet immediately after the incident is critical. Maybe your carpet is expensive, or you have an emotional attachment to it, and you do not want to lose it. If only a small area of the carpet has water, drying, it can be straightforward. However, if a large area is affected, you may need to use more than one drying method. Our team can use light wands to remove the water damage. This equipment can extract water rapidly from glue-down carpets.

Water can get into hard to access areas. In extreme cases, we may remove some structures in your property to pave the way for drying. For instance, we might remove the carpet and pad if they are covering wood flooring. By removing them, we can dry the wood flooring effectively. During the removal process, our technicians ensure that the carpet and pad remain intact to avoid further damage. We can use a stair tool and knee kickers to remove the carpeting and padding. We only reinstall the carpet after restoring the affected area.

Water can also affect drywall with insulation and saturate wall cavities, making them difficult to dry. Our SERVPRO team has equipment that can effectively dry the cavities and the insulated walls. We can use centrifugal air movers to dry the cavities. Our crew can attach shrouds or other attachments to these air movers so that the machines can introduce dry air into wall cavities and beneath kitchen cabinets.

Do not let a water intrusion problem cause secondary damage to your property. Contact SERVPRO of Livingston, Demopolis & Butler at 334-287-1144 for fast restoration that can make the water damage seem “Like it never even happened.”

How to Flush a Water Heater

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

5 Steps To Flush a Water Heater

Flushing a water heater can maintain its functionality. The tank in this appliance can fill up with minerals and sediment, depending on the water quality at your residence. These five steps walk a homeowner through the water heater flush procedure.

  1. Turn Off the Heater

Switch off the power to an electric heater at a circuit breaker. For a gas unit, turn off the valve and extinguish the pilot light.

  1. Connect a Hose

Attach a garden hose of sufficient length to the drain valve on the heater and run the other end to a floor drain or outside. Make sure that the destination will not suffer as a result of exposure to mineral deposits.

  1. Drain the Tank

Open the water heater drain valve and allow water to flow for several minutes. Turn on a sink hot water spigot to drain remaining water. Turn the water supply valve on and off to flush the tank.

  1. Close the Valves

Close the drain valve and turn the cold water supply back on. Then, turn on the hot water spigot at a sink or tub. The water will be cold, but this will push air out of the system. Turn the spigot off once the flow becomes consistent.

  1. Turn the Heater Back On

Restore the power to an electric heater from a circuit panel or turn on the flow of gas and relight the pilot. It may take up to 20 minutes to produce hot water.

Perform a water heater flush at least once a year. Follow these steps every eight months in a household of three to five residents, or every six months in a household with more than six residents.

If a water heater leak results in damage to your home or business, contact an appliance repair professional and a water damage restoration company like SERVPRO of Livingston, Demopolis & Butler at 334-287-1144. 

Why Do Pipes Burst in the Summer?

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

When you hear about pipes bursting it is assumed it’s because of freezing temperatures, well that is the case most of the time but pipes can be faulty in the summer months as well.  Yes, its highly unlikely extreme temperatures and increased usage can lead the pipes to burst. SERVPRO of Livingston/Demopolis/Butler wants our customers to be able to have tips and knowledge to help prevent it from happening!

Extreme Temperatures

With summertime comes less rainfall and harsh heat which can make the land and soil extraordinarily dry.  This makes the soil looser and makes the pipes more susceptible to movement which can lead to breakage. The breakage is more likely to happen on the route of the pipes from the road to your home, rather than inside your home. While you can’t control the weather, you can decrease the amount of water usage during extreme temperatures to alleviate the pressure on your system.

Increased Consumption

Who wants a pipe burst to put a damper on their summer? No one, right?  We know that during the summer months you may have a sprinkler, a garden, hanging flowers, all of which require water.  We are just as big of fans for summertime festivities as our customers and community members, with the increase of consumption can lead to failing pipes if your system hasn’t been updated or recently checked recently.  Another way to minimize the chance of a pipe bursting is to make sure that there isn’t any warping due to the cold weather in winter, to ensure your system can keep up with summer demands.

If any loss is to occur no matter the time of year, SERVPRO of Livingston/Demopolis/Butler is here to help and will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Call us at 334-287-1144!

Negative Effects of Pipe Cleaning Products

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

Virtually anyone who has ever owned a home has dealt with the annoyance of backed-up pipes and a clogged drain. These issues can cause water to go down slowly or not at all. For many people, the first thought is to run to the store and pick up a drain-cleaning product. While these may seem effective, you should exercise caution and be aware of the long-term challenges they can create.

What Happens in the Pipes?

The hydrochloric acid in a drain cleaner can eat away at debris inside pipes. The liquid is designed to loosen the blockage, freeing the pipe or drain of the obstacle so water can go down. However, the chemicals can also affect the pipes and drains in the following ways:

  • The chemical can sit in the pipes too long.
  • The chemical can erode the pipes.
  • The chemical can harm the finishes in your bathroom or kitchen.

Effects on Older Plumbing Systems

If you use these products on older pipes for a clogged drain, the consequences can be even more severe. While the cleaning agents may appear to work effectively, they can also harm the pipes through oxidation.

Effects on Plastic Pipes

If you have plastic pipes in your home, a cleaning product could be even more detrimental. The chemicals can create heat, warping, or damaging the pipes. If you continue to use the products on these pipes, they could break down and require replacement.

Other Outcomes

Drain cleaners can also be harmful to the environment and your septic system. Be aware that breathing in the fumes of these cleaners and touching the liquid can irritate your respiratory system and skin.

The Alternatives

For continual issues with a clogged drain, contact a plumber to inspect your lines. You can also get in touch with a professional sewage cleaning company to safely clear out your system.

Call SERVPRO of Livingston/Demopolis/Butler at 334-287-1144!

SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration Services

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

Water damage in your home or business can happen at any time. From a small leak in your roof to a bathtub or toilet overflow to a broken water heater to major flooding from a storm, water can damage your home or business quickly when you least expect it.

When water damage occurs, there are many factors that you must consider to tackle the issue including how much water you are dealing with, the potential for deterioration, and the rate the materials affected will soak up the water.

If water and moisture are left in items such as furniture, carpet, or building materials such as drywall or plaster, mold will begin to develop within a day or so. While metals will rust and corrode, drywall will begin to crumble and wood will begin to swell, split, and eventually rot. The main objective is to get the area affected by the water dry as soon as possible.

For minor water damage, you may be able to take care of the issue yourself. An example of a minor issue would be if your kids decide to get water all over the bathroom floor and you immediately mop it up. Since the potential for mold and structural damage is minimal, you can handle it yourself.

When there is major flooding in your home or business and walls, flooring, and even insulation is saturated, it is time to call upon a professional water damage restoration company. The technicians are experienced at water eradication and will be able to dry out the affected areas much quicker, decreasing the chance for dangerous mold to form and the possibility of damage occurring. The technicians are also aware of electrical hazards, health risks, and other safety hazards so they can remove the water in a safe manner. They also have the specialized equipment such as HEPA air scrubbers and dehumidifiers to remove moisture and odor in the air, leaving your home or business fresh, clean, and dry.

Call SERVPRO of Livingston/Demopolis/Butler at 334-287-1144!

Buckled Floors? Call SERVPRO ASAP!

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

What Causes Hardwood Floors to Buckle?

Floor buckling is the most extreme reaction to moisture in a hardwood floor. Buckling occurs when the wood flooring pulls up from the subfloor, lifting several inches in one or more places. Fortunately, this is not a common occurrence.

If caught early, spot repair and replacement may be possible. Once the standing water is removed, several boards can be taken up from the floor so that the air can circulate across and below the floor. When the floor has dried to a more stable moisture level, repairs can usually be made.

What can SERVPRO of Livingston/Demopolis/Butler do?

  • Set up floor protection, drying mats and drying equipment
  • Wear PPE
  • Clean all affected areas
  • Content Manipulation, full Pack out and Storage
  • Removal of buckled floorboards

Additionally, our Reconstruction Division will be able to replace the flooring for you, professionally. Call SERVPRO of Livingston/Demopolis/Butler at 334-287-1144!

Check the Drip Pan on Your HVAC

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

If your home or business has central air conditioning you are probably prone to want to stay inside and stay cool during these hot summer days. And why not! Air conditioning has revolutionized the way we live and the places we can inhabit. But one hazard with a central air handling unit that most home and business owners are not aware of is the overflow of the drip pan, especially when the unit is working in overdrive! Your drip pan is designed to drain out of the building but this small drain line (normally 1" PVC) can easily be clogged just enough to slow down the drain pan and to cause the overflow. The result of this issue is water damage that could go undetected for weeks while causing thousands of dollars in damage. If you experience water damage from an air handler overflow, call SERVPRO of Livingston/Demopolis/Butler at 334-287-1144! We can help with all phases of restoration.